Comparing WordPress plugins can be pretty tough. There’s so many things to keep in mind, and many plugins have radically different ways of doing things. This project aims to help make it easier for users to compare plugins based on common criteria determined by plugin authors and the community. Plugin authors can manage their own plugin details and update them as things change.

We’re looking for a few good authors to help us get started, so far we’ve got a pretty big list of plugins in the Content Types and Custom Fields categories, but we’re looking to add new categories for SEO, Commenting, and others. In the future, if we gain enough traction, we may even start comparing themes / theme frameworks.

The format will be a conversion of our existing Google Docs spreadsheet into a number of post types and taxonomies, which we’ll be able to custom tailor based on the plugin category. You’ll be able to specify to see all plugins, or just choose which ones you want to compare on their own (within the same category). We’ll also be hooking into the WordPress.org Plugins API/RSS to pull in the latest information like Ratings, Reviews, Versions supported, Last Updated, and other info.

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